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From a serious car accident to tweaking something when lifting a heavy box, personal injuries are always a possibility. No matter how much one prepares for an accident, there is always a chance of an injury. A personal injury chiropractor can identify the source of the pain from an injury, diagnose the extent of the pain and recommend the most effective treatment.

Personal injury treatment is available at Accident & Wellness Group in Chula Vista and the surrounding area. Under the direction of Dr. Yonel Rivera, DC, our team will assess the damage from a personal injury and determine the necessary chiropractic treatment. Since each patient is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

If you are suffering from pain after a personal injury, call us at (619) 863-4484 to schedule an appointment today.

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Benefits of visiting a personal injury chiropractor

Some people may not always be as quick to seek any medical treatment beyond a checkup if they do not have any visible damage after an accident. However, any pain in the shoulder, neck or back can be the sign of a more serious issue. In other cases, the pain will continue to get worse until the patient seeks professional chiropractic treatment.

As a chiropractor, we can help patients receive the care they need and a professional assessment of their injury. If a patient has an accident at work and needs medical proof of the full extent of the injury, we can help. Benefits of seeing treatment from our personal injury chiropractor include:

  • Professional medical assessment
  • Customized chiropractic treatment plan
  • A specific number of appointments to keep up consistent recovery
  • A professional evaluation of other health factors that may cause more chiropractic pain
  • Recommended stretches, exercises or lifestyle changes to enhance the recovery process
  • A professional review that breaks down the full extent of the injury
  • Types of personal injury

    The treatment will vary on several factors, two of which are the type of injury and the extent of the damage. While a patient’s participation in the treatment and recovery process play a role, the type of injury will determine the treatment method we use. People can even cause a personal injury to their back when sitting down in the wrong way or moving furniture.

    As a wellness center, we will also take one’s lifestyle into account since certain unhealthy habits can be a causing factor of back pain. If someone is overweight and sustains a injury, then we may recommend striving to lose some weight after receiving treatment for the initial injury. Types of personal injuries that a chiropractor can help treat include:

  • Slip and fall accident injuries
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Shoulder accident injuries
  • Certain sports injuries
  • Dislocated disc in the spine
  • Pain from lifting a heavy object or moving furniture
  • Carrying too much weight and placing strain on the back
  • Possible treatment plans

    When people attempt to shoulder the burden of an injury or the pain of one, they tend to rely on store-bought pain medication and rest. While rest can help with the recovery, store-bought pain medication will only provide temporary relief. At Accident & Wellness Group, our team will take the time to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient.

    Our treatment may involve specific chiropractic techniques, medication when necessary and therapy. In most cases, the patient will need to make multiple appointments at our office over the span of several weeks. In some cases, the entire recovery process may take months. While surgery is a possibility, it is important to attempt all non-surgical methods first.

    Depending on the location of the injury, manual adjustments can help to ease the strain on the spinal discs and promote pain relief. If necessary, we may prescribe medication to ease the soreness, pain and other symptoms. However, medication will not be the only step in treatment.

    Wellness Center

    In order to help promote the recovery of a chiropractic injury, patients can make lifestyle changes from something as simple as eating healthier to increasing the amount of exercise they get each week. Nonetheless, we will determine what changes the patient can complete during the treatment process that will not cause further pain. While we all have the same goal of helping the patient’s injury heal, we do not want the patient to push themselves too far.

    If you are suffering from the pain of a chiropractic injury, then contact our personal injury chiropractor by calling 619-863-4484 today. We will schedule an appointment with you to diagnose the issue and determine the most effective course of action.

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